Who is Jack & James Consulting?

I’m a literary consultant, mentor and editor with fourteen years experience, based near London, England, working with authors all over the world: face to face meetings, video calls and email. I also do visual design work, including book covers and websites.

I have written superhero and sci-fi novels as James Anders Banks, and am now writing thrillers as Jack Law. My children’s novel Mouse Noses on Toast, published by Faber & Faber under the name Daren King, won the age 6-8 gold medal in the award then known as the Nestlé Children’s Book Prize, and my fiction has been published in print in countries including the UK, Germany, Italy, Russia, Australia, China, Canada and the United States.

Online I go by the name James Anders Banks.

Praise for my mentoring service

You can learn more about my published authors on the AUTHORS page

“My greatest fault was that I didn’t think I needed to be taught how to write.”

Richard Ruegg, Queensland, Australia

“[James] has been a brilliant mentor and has provided invaluable help and insight. He has given me advice in relation to all aspects of the book, from plotting and structure, to fine linguistic details. I’m not sure I could have finished it without him.”

Eve Harris, London, England – 2013 Man Booker longlisted

“This course has been life-changing. Having [James] to guide me throughout the novel-writing process was like having a secret weapon. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the wealth of knowledge and skills I developed under his tuition. I’m still pinching myself that I had five offers from agents and am now being published by a major print publishing house.”

Ingrid Alexandra, Sydney, Australia

“[James] helped me to develop a writing style with real impact. I’d spent three years on a crime fiction manuscript that was going nowhere – after six months working with [James] I had a deal with a UK print publisher.”

Anthony Wilson, Dundee, Scotland

“Thanks to [James], I soon found an international print publisher for my novel, It Happened On Scrabble Sunday. I doubt my manuscript would have found a publisher without his advice. An absolute joy to work with.”

Mahita Vas, Singapore

“[James]’s expertise on all aspects of novel writing and how to target today’s market were absolutely invaluable. I finished the novel in twelve months and Mostyn Thomas and the Big Rave will be published by UK print publisher Graffeg in Autumn 2018.”

Richard Williams, Lausanne, Switzerland

“I’ve learned more in the weeks we’ve been working together than I did during my entire MA at UEA.”

Lorna Thorpe, Cornwall, England

“I have learnt more from [James] on this course than from any structured course or creative writing programme, including my Masters. Thanks to [James], Invisible Ties now has an international publisher.”

Nadya A R, London, England

“[James] accompanied me all the way through the drafting process, helping me turn my drafts into a fully-fledged literary novel which was later seized by two major publishers.”

Guillermo Martinez Erades, Brussels, Belgium

“[James]’s thoughtful and thorough editing and mentoring of my novel The Lost Letter from Morocco, after it had been rejected numerous times over many agent submissions, was a key turning point on its journey to the 2-book deal I’ve just agreed with Avon UK. Signing up to work with [James] was one of the smartest decisions I ever made.”

Adrienne Chinn, London, England

“I worked with [James] for about 10 months while I wrote my first novel. His feedback was direct and honest and I really valued his criticism. I miss working with him as I hadn’t realised how much he was a part of keeping the momentum going for me.”

Jo Carrington, North Somerset, England

“These notes are helping more than anything from university, self-help books, small courses. All of them put together even. Makes me believe even more that I was lucky to have got the chance to do this mentorship with you.”

David Graham Ward, Gateshead, England

“[James]’s service was thorough, insightful and of tremendous value. I can honestly say that it was worth every penny. I would happily take the course again and my guess is that it would be just as beneficial second time around. I have recently submitted my finished novel to various London agents, and one has offered representation.”

Paul Ryan, County Wicklow, Ireland

Free WRITE LIKE THE MASTERS sample ebook

Write Like the Masters is my planned series of books reverse engineering classic works of popular fiction, so that you can learn from the author’s techniques. The first in the series, Write Like the Masters: Stephen King’s Pet Sematary by Jack Law and James Anders Banks, is available on all online bookstores.

Email me to request your FREE sample ebook, containing the introductory sections and the opening chapters.

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James Anders Banks